Edge Interlock Router ™ (Self-Healing Network)
Intelligent Core Router Load Balancing Capabilities
Sub-terrain Continuous Communications (Frequency Specific)
GPS Tracking and Mapping
In-building Communications
Ad-hoc Mobile to Mobile Communications
Rapid Deploy Routers
Operates on Multiple Distinct Networks on a Single Wireless Infrastructure (VLAN)

Self-Healing, Self Configuring Wireless Fabric (Self-Healing Network)

Government Grade Backhaul Communication Encryption

Modular Design

Full Duplex Backhaul Capability

Choice of Antenna Systems for Ultimate Control

Full VPN Support

Range 10+ Miles (Depending Upon Terrain)

Frequency Agnostic

  Patented and Patent-Pending, Trademark and Copyright
The Edge Interlock Router™ suite of mobile IP wireless communication solutions enables virtually immediate communication and seamless delivery of high-bandwidth data and real-time converged and locational services among stationary & fast-moving users. It reaches throughout challenging indoor/outdoor and subterranean-to-skyscraper environments. Edge Interlock Router ™ provides secure connectivity to support uninterrupted situational command and control capabilities, and sustained interconnectivity across the divides of disparate networks. Edge Interlock Router ™:
Drives next generation ‘go anywhere’ IP (Internet Protocol) communications of voice, video and data under the most challenging deployment scenarios;
Seamlessly supports high bandwidth intensive applications: video conferencing and large data transfers;
Leverages state of the art technologies such as microwave OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and exclusive Edge Velocity innovations to deliver dependable, intelligent bandwidth and far reaching connectivity;
Self-heals to deliver unprecedented resiliency and dependability; and
Uniquely, effectively resists wireless mesh network saturation.
Our innovative technology enables internet based applications to run in a high-speed mobile environment and function as if they were on a traditional, stationary, wired network.
Technology was designed with a layered self-healing router to enhance optimum performance.
Not Just Mobility, Velocity
There is a clear, compelling need for standards-based wireless mesh IP networks that reach beyond the mobility limits of traditional wireless solutions, to give first responders, military, transportation and commercial organizations new levels of real time, converged IP voice, video and data services...
Not Just Capacity, Congestion Prevention
Frequency saturation can seriously lower your network’s resistance to performance drops. In heavily saturated wireless environments, will your mesh network sustain the healthy reliability and performance you need? Today’s wireless mesh networks deliver partial solutions with techniques such as channel bonding that double...
Unmatched Reach
The need to connect doesn’t end inside the lobby door, on the 50th floor, or even off-shore. From concrete jungles to heavily forested-area, Edge Velocity delivers new reach and support for challenging infrastructures & environments. Its range and set-up simplicity...
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