Edge Velocity to Launch New Website First Part of December
Edge Velocity featured as a Success Story for New Hampshire Startups on the Live Free and Start website
Paula Beauregard, CEO of Edge Velocity Corporation, Honored by Connected World Magazine
Edge Velocity Co-Founder and CEO, Paula Beauregard, featured on the Peggy Smedley Show.
Edge Velocity Co-Founder and CEO, Paula Beauregard, Named LEADERPRENEUR by Atlantic Consultants.
Edge Velocity Corporation to participate in Women in Tech roundtable April 15, 2015
Edge Velocity Corporation named Inc.'s 3rd fastest-growing woman-led company in the Boston metro area.
Edge Velocity Corporation Ranked as the #1 Fastest-Growing Woman-Led Business in NH
Edge Velocity Corporation Named to the "Inc. 5000" List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America
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Edge Velocity has been deployed at some of the nation’s most demanding, security-driven and challenging environments. Contact us to hear results of these deployments and a forthcoming preview of technical highlights. Technical Highlights Include:
Edge Interlock Router ™ (Self-Healing Network)
Intelligent Core Router Load Balancing Capabilities
Multiple Years of Experience Delivering M2M “Machine to Machine” Communications
Sub-terrain Continuous Communications (Frequency Specific)
GPS Tracking and Mapping
Complete Technical Overview
  Patented and Patent-Pending, Trademark and Copyright

Get the Edge - Edge Velocity networks deploy immediately and easily to create secure, self-forming, self-healing wireless broadband mesh networks with real-time IP-based voice, video and data services. Edge Velocity uniquely enables the rapid, automatic establishment of IP-based wireless communication services that reach high-angle aerial, underground, deep in-building and externally located vehicles, responders and supporting entities. Edge Velocity also enables new levels of innovation and customer involvement by tying point-of-sale devices, customer devices and cloud computing resources into ad hoc inquiry, sales and response networks. To get the Edge, contact us.

Not Just Mobility, Velocity
There is a clear, compelling need for standards-based wireless mesh IP networks that reach beyond the mobility limits of traditional wireless solutions...
Not Just Capacity, Congestion Prevention
Frequency saturation can seriously lower your network’s resistance to performance drops. In heavily saturated wireless...
Unmatched Reach
The need to connect doesn’t end inside the lobby door, on the 50th floor, or even off-shore. From concrete jungles to heavily forested-area...
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